Digital Learning questions focused on technology curriculum and educators' use of technology by grade level and subject.

  Kansas Digital Learning

Indicate the Distribution of Content Types Used in All Grade Levels in the District

Range Physical Textbook Purchased Digital Content Curated/Created by Teachers

What tools/platforms do the district educators regularly use to connect with other educators/teachers?

District Count

During this school year, how often has your district used technology in the following ways?

Never Once Month Once Week Once Day

How would you rate your district’s overall readiness to implement digital learning, including making use of online resources and courses, implementing online assessments, and using data to inform instruction?

Just Getting Started Almost Ready Ready to Implement Complete

Indicate the grades in your district implementing each of the following: Mathematics, English/Language Arts, and Other Subject Areas.

Digital Content: Math

Digital Content: ELA

Digital Content: Other Subject Areas

K-2 3-5 6-8 9-12